We are the new black

By taking your perspective, internalizing your worries, and understanding your industry, The New Black transforms into your custom creative resource—a right-sized team that builds visual content for your advertising, social media and digital experiences.

It’s our mission to only generate refined marketing assets at keep your story authentic and your business growing. Because we’re the New Black. We’re brand storytellers. And we’re only defined by your success.


Bespoke creative production

We’ve been at it for more than 15 years, and have the team members who are your go-to for: 

  • Lifestyle

  • Advertising

  • Content

  • Editorial

  • Product

  • Creative + Art Direction

  • Post Production

  • Brand Videos

  • Sizzle Pieces

  • Motion Graphics

  • Editing

  • Stop-Motion Animation

  • 2D + 3D Animation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Digital Asset management

  • Casting

  • Location Services

  • Creative Resourcing

  • Consulting

  • Crew Management



Questions? Comments? Interested in a quote? Hit us up and let’s talk. Our first goal is to help you keep moving forward.

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